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About SustaHost UseBB is a light and Open Source forum software. Developed with simplicity and usability in mind, UseBB is ideal for small to medium sized websites which need a clear and efficient forum package

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Categories and Forums
• Board can be divided into an unlimited number of categories and forums
• Per-forum configuration options and permissions

• Level-based permissions for posting, moderating, ...
• An unlimited or maximum number of replies can be set per forum
• Supports the use of BBCode and smilies in posts
• Full HTML posting possibilities (by default admin only)
• Posting flood protection

Member Features
• Unlimited number of members possible
• Each member has his/her own personal profile page
• Many profile fields possible (such as ICQ#, location, age, real name ...)
• Set up your displayed name in your own language (even Russian or Chinese)
• Supports off-site avatars

Moderation Features
• Moderators can be set per forum
• Can move/close/reopen/delete topics
• Can edit/delete posts
• Can post/edit/delete/... sticky topics
• Supports the staff hierarchy (moderators cannot edit administrator's posts)

Administration Interface
• Set various configuration options
• Create/edit/delete categories and forums
• Prune forums (topics) and members
• Send mass emails
• Set up bad word censors
• Edit/delete members
• Ban by member name, e-mail address or IP address
• ACP modules provide easy extension of the ACP
• and much, much more...

Access Control
• Four levels: guests, members, moderators and administrators
• Level based access to individual forums
• Level based access to active topics, member/staff/online list, search engine, etc.
• Disable guest access to entire forum, member profiles and/or contact information
• E-mail or admin based user activation
• Disable user registrations

Protect Security Features
• Protect your forum from human and bot attacks with UseBB's unique set of protection features:
• Random math or custom anti-spam questions for unregistered post or registration attempts
• Automatic DNSBL powered banning of IP addresses used for malicious activities
• DNS based e-mail address verification, by looking for MX records on the domain
• Registration logging, logs detailed user info in a log file upon registering
• Hide never activated accounts from the member list, statistics, etc.

Various Features
• Powerful cross-forum search engine
• Topic subscriptions via e-mail and on-line overview
• Built-in frequently asked questions
• Active topics listing, including forum filter
• Single forum modus for boards with only 1 forum
• Global RSS 2.0 feed
• Search engine friendly .html URL's

Coding & Technical
• Seperated HTML templates from PHP code
• Default template uses standards compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS
• Supports application/xhtml+xml content-type for XHTML aware browsers
• Supports user interface translations (Dutch available by default)
• Support for most ISO and other character sets (no Unicode)
• Supports Gzip output compression
• Implementation of Google's rel="nofollow" for BBCode
• Support for HTTP only cookies
• Developed with PHP's E_ALL error reporting level
• Works within PHP's default memory_limit (8 MB)
• Limited size on server (< 800 KB)

General Overview

UseBB is an open source forum system written in the PHP 4 scripting language and using the database management system MySQL to store dynamic content. It is being distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is meant as a light package for small to mid-sized websites. In opposition to most other packages, the feature set is limited to the essential, but more attention was given to the usability of the forum.

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