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About SustaHost phpNuke CMS is a news automated system specially designed to be used in Intranets and Internet. The Administrator has total control of his web site, registered users, and he will have in the hand a powerful assembly of tools to maintain an active and 100% interactive web site using databases.

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  • One FREE domain registration
  • Host up to 10 websites/domains
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Meets phpNuke system requirements


• Advertising -- Manages ads on the page layout (theme). Supports images/links, javacript/HTML, and flash
• Avantgo -- Provides mobile version of the last 10 news articles
• Content -- Manages the main content "pages" of the website
• Downloads -- Manages file downloads. It doesn't actually allow you to upload files, but it stores links to files you upload to your server or links to files on other public servers.
• Encyclopedia -- A simple module for managing phrases/words and their definitions.
• FAQ -- Manages the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your site.
• Feedback -- Allows site visitors to provide feedback to the webmaster. It is an online form, but provides the feedback via email.
• Forums -- Manages discussion forums for the site. It is based on bb2nuke, which is a PHP-Nuke port of the popular open-source PHPBB discussion board.
• Journal -- A simple module that allows users to maintain public and/or private notes.
• Members List -- Displays the members of your site.
• News -- Manages news stories for your site. It supports future-dating news to be released at a specific date and time.
• new feature
• Private Messages -- Allows your members to send private messages to you and others on the site. Members can chose to not allow other members to send them private messages.
• Recommend Us -- Form to send an email message recommending your site to others.
• Search -- Allows users to search your website to find information.
• Statistics -- Displays summary and detailed statistics regarding your site, including the number of page views by visitors.
• Stories (News) Archives -- Provides access to older news articles.
• Submit News -- A form to allow visitors to submit a news story to your site. Email notification is sent, but the news submission is stored in your administrator control panel. You can delete, edit, and/or post the article directly to your site without rekeying.
• Surveys (Polls) -- Allows you to create surveys that your visitors can respond to.
• Top -- Displays the top 10 (or other number specified by you) news articles, downloads, etc.
• Topics -- Displays news by topic. As the administrator you define what the topics are for your site and assign news articles to one or more topic. The news module also supports categories, which are similar, but a news article can only be assigned a single category.
• Web Links -- Manages a hierarchical directory of links to various websites of interest to your readers.
• Your Account -- Manages members "profile" information, including their preferred site theme (if you provide more than one), the number of news articles to display on their home page, etc.

General Overview

PHP-Nuke is written 100% in PHP and requires Apache Web server, PHP and a SQL (MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, ODBC_Adabas, Sybase or Interbase). Support for 25 languages, Yahoo like search engine, Comments option in Polls, lot of themes, Ephemerids manager, File Manager, Headlines, download manager, faq manager, advanced blocks systems, reviews system, newsletter, categorized articles, multilanguage content management and a lot more.

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