400% Green Certified Web Hosting

About SustaHost is dedicated to providing excellent web hosting services while at the same time doing our part to help the planet.

Why Green Web Hosting?

The internet and the servers that all websites run on are often ignored as a source of carbon emissions. But these servers run 24/7/365 and consume a very large amount of energy. More and more people consider being environmentally conscious to be important. By purchasing green web hosting from SustaHost you not only get the personal satisfaction of doing your part in helping the environment, you also receive the added benefit of giving your visitors the peace of mind that your site is completely carbon neutral. With so many people trying to incorporate green values in their lives, using green web hosting will give you an edge over competitors; and best of all, you don't have to sacrifice price to do so. We invite you to compare our prices to other web hosts, both green and standard. In fact, for our dedicated servers, we guarantee you cannot find a lower price. For most webmaster, the only thing holding them back from going green with their hosting is that fact that green hosting costs more. That is why we created SustaHost. Now, webmasters will no longer have to weigh the added costs of green hosting versus the positive global impact. We offer the best of both worlds: Green Certified, carbon neutral web hosting at a price that alone would be reason enough to choose SustaHost. We also do this without sacrificing features, or making any other quality cuts. SustaHost's goal is to capture the attention of those who have never even considered green hosting via the merits of our excellent services and prices alone. Thus, we are able to save websites that normally would have contributed to increased carbon dioxide emissions and make them green.

How SustaHost Offsets 400% of Its Products' Carbon Emissions?

Our sister company, SustaWeb, is a leading provider of carbon offsets that specializes in offsets for the web. They provide the carbon offsetting services that allow our products to be green.

  • Live Carbon Offsetting: Unlike other offsetting providers, a majority of our offsets come from the planting of live trees. In fact, we plant twice the number of trees required to offset your product's carbon emissions! By planting trees rather than using artificial carbon sequestration, we can offset carbon emissions while beautifing our planet at the same time.
  • Renewarble Energy Certificates (RECS): This certifies that all the power used by your web hosting services comes from green energy sources, such as wind and solar.
  • Rainforest Conservation: For every order we receive, we purchase a piece of land in the rainforest to be set aside for conservation efforts. This land will never be developed or cut down for lumber.